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If you’re thinking about introducing a salary sacrifice car scheme, then asking the right questions of the right people will help ensure your fleet supplier is able to design and implement the best scheme for your company.. We’ve been in the fleet business for more than 50 years, working closely with organisations large and small across the private and public sectors.

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A salary sacrifice car is a car you lease from a third-party supplier that has partnered with your employer. The cost of the car is deducted from your salary each month before you are taxed. Unlike company car schemes, where the company pays for the car, in salary sacrifice arrangements you pay for the car and it is your responsibility.

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A salary sacrifice car scheme calculator tool is available so your employees can check out the total cost before they order, along with any tax and NI savings they could make Service Assist - a 24 hour helpline is included, to provide support in the event of a breakdown or accident and also when the car needs servicing or repair.

06 April 2022. This calculator can be used to produce individual quotes to help financial advisers and employers calculate the benefits that can be achieved through an agreed salary sacrifice between an employer and employee. Salary sacrifice isn’t suitable for all employees especially those who earn at or around the personal tax allowance.

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